Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Errands

So today I decided I was going to run all my errands via LA public transportation... with rising gas prices I've been curious to try it.  The problem is that most of the time, it's not cost effective because you need to make so many transfers.  So unless you work at the same location every day and can by a month/day pass, it doesn't make sense.  But I bought a day pass for $5, and figured it would be about the same as the gas I would spend today.  Here's my adventure:

I quickly realized that my main mistake was that with bus travel, it really helps to have done your homework and know when the bus comes.  I stood for about 20 minutes for the first bus, which I really didn't need to do.  Also, this is my street. 

My favorite thing about public transportation is, and always has been, being able to read while going to and from.  GQ, of course. 

I rode the 210 to Vine/Sunset, then the 2 to Sunset/Stanely where I dropped off my reel to be uploaded onto Breakdown Services (if none of that made sense, here's the translation key: "Reel" is a term that refers to footage an actor has compile to show his or her work.  "Breakdown Services" is the company that provides audition information to all agents - they have a program called "Actors Access" that allows actors to have a headshot/resume/reel online so Agents can send it to Casting Directors.  And "uploaded" is... you know)

Weird photo - not sure why.  I took it of myself at Hollywood and Highland.  I had taken 2 transfers to get there.  Hollywood and Highland is the touristy center of Hollywood with the Kodak theater, people dressed up as characters for photos, etc.  I saw a spiderman with a pretty awesome pot belly.. wanted to take a photo, but felt weird about that.  Walked down into the subway!

I love riding the subway.  It reminds me so much of being in Europe.  LA actually has a really nice subway system - it's just not extensive enough.  But hopefully that will change a lot in the next 10-20 years.  I was eating my lunch while waiting for the train when some kids informed me that you can get a $250 fine for eating down there.  I wonder why?? - I went to my new Agent's building up by Universal Studios and dropped off headshots.  Then came back.  When I got back to the building, the painters had finished painting the lobby.  This sign was on the floor alerting tenants to wet paint on the walls.  It was a funny end to my afternoon.