Thursday, November 26, 2009

Traded Her In For a New Model
Week 7-Month 3

So somewhere along the line, our little 5 lb. baby became a chubby little girl. It's interesting how weight works with kids, because somehow the chubbiness increases the cuteness by some sort of exponential relationship. Anyhow, on Thanksgiving Day, here are a few new pics of our little girl, for whom we are very, very thankful.

R: We're trying very hard to limit how much TV she watches. But just turn your back and she hops up on the couch, turns on the TV, and starts watching CNN. She's got a lot to catch up on.

R: First beach day ever.

R: Post-bath curly hair. So far she hasn't seen a light she doesn't love to stare at.

Cosi went to a friend's birthday party. We dressed her as a fairy, but she wanted to be a dragon. (yawn)

R: For Halloween, we dressed up with some of the members of our Small Group as the characters of Peter Pan. Cosi was Tinkerbell, Sarah was Tiger Lily, and I was Captain Hook.

R: Bored of the party.

R: The Crocodile and Wendy (Alan and Cat). I like the Cosette looks like she's in on the photo gag. "Oh no! Look he's eating me - ahhhh!"