Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hurry up and weight.
Cosi lost a fair amount of weight after the first couple of days in the hospital (from 5 lbs 12 oz, to 5 lbs, 2 oz), and the doctors were a little worried about jaundice, so we had to take her in to have her weight checked every two days for the first week. She was completely fine, though. We knew she was gaining weight because of her increasingly chubby cheeks, which eventually turned into her nickname/Swing Band, of which, she is the lead singer --"Mad-eye Moody (see first post) and the Increasingly Chubby Cheeks".

We wanted to take a photo of her next to something to show her relative size. And she's (was) sleeping a lot... so it's a loaf.

R: Crawford Grandparents came into town for a week and loved on her. Plus cooked tons of great food.
S: Mmmmm...lemon bars.

R: First walk. Is that annoying that we're going to do all the "firsts"??
There is a baby inside of that super-fashionable stroller, purchased for her by a collective group of the best friends a baby (or parents) could ask for. Thank you guys so much!!

R: When we took her in for one of her weight/jaundice checkups, the technician taking her blood (young guy with two kids), told us: "Don't believe what anyone tells you. The first time she smiles, it's not gas. It is an authentic smile meant just for you. She's knows who you are, and she's smiling to tell you she loves you." That afternoon we came home and she was sitting on my lap. She started grinning this huge smile and I shouted at Sarah to come over. Just as Sar got there, Cosi let out a huge fart.
We love you too.

R: We took her up to the Pasadena Flea Market. Gotta teach them to be thrifty early.
S: Grandma Crawford and Sarah also went to Old Navy to try to find some small newborn or preemie sized clothing for tiny Cosette without much luck. As a result, she was in a diaper and a blanket most of the time.

R: She looks worried like this a lot. I think here she's concerned that I may roll over on her.

R: Gotta do the whole foot-print thing for the baby book. What else traditionally goes in there? Birth certificate copy? Baby's first haircut?
S: Clearly, she is very excited about all of this.

R: Family balcony time.


aubrey said...

oooohhhh very good photos, very good fart/smile story, very good update!!

Cara said...

Awesome. Great pics! PS, I hope I have as rockin' a bod post-baby (and in general)as you Sarah!

Lorraine said...

Um, wasn't Sarah pregnant a minute ago? Where'd the oven go? Can't wait to meet the bun on Monday

John said...

I think firsts are ok! What goes around comes around. Boo yeah!

(p.s. this is the first time I'm using Johnny's account to blog)